The Sideline: A Survival Guide for Youth Sports Parents
The Sideline (Grass Cover)
The Sideline (Grass Cover)

The Sideline (Grass Cover)

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This survival guide has one goal–to help you successfully navigate the world of youth sports.

Youth sports can serve as a life-changing experience for children. It can teach valuable concepts such as respect, accountability, work ethic, coachability, and teamwork. It can teach kids and young adults how to best handle adversity, heighten confidence, and improve mental, emotional, and physical wellness. It can help them make friends and create lifelong memories.

While these benefits are crystal clear, what isn’t as obvious is the most effective way to guide them, support them, and encourage them so that they grow, improve, and develop on and off the field or court.

What exactly do your youth sports players really need from you to maximize their youth sporting experience?

We’re here to answer that–and much more–in this handbook. Accessible and engaging, The Sideline is a practical guide to being a better resource for the young athletes in your life.

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